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COVID-19. related information


We hope and pray your family, your friends and you are well and in good health.

We wish to be of service to our guests and if we can be of any assistance in any way at all, please do not hesitate to call us at 7872003929 / 9800360734 or send us an email at  Your request will be escalated to the concerned person and we will do all we can to assist you.

  • Our Commitment to Cleanliness & Hygiene:

At Hotel blue view, we have always practiced complete transparency with our guests and colleagues. Our hotels have always placed the highest emphasis on the safety and wellbeing of our guests with standards of cleanliness and hygiene. With the risks associated with COVID 19, and in accordance with Local administration and Ministry of Tourism guidelines, we have implemented a number of measures in our hotel.

  • Summary of our standards

Hotel blue view is grateful for the immense trust placed in us by our guests to always do the right thing. Some highlighted general guideline for the guest as below ….


  • Temperature readings of non-resident and resident guests are taken at the entrance of the hotel as daily basis.
  • Physical distancing of at least 6 feet to be followed by the hotel staff and guests as far as feasible.
  • Use of face covers/masks is mandatory.
  • Spitting shall be strictly prohibited in hotels.
  • Installation and use of Aarogya Setu app shall be advised to all.
  • Number of people in the elevators shall be restricted, duly maintaining social distancing norms. 
  • Additional Details of the guest (travel history, medical condition etc.) along with ID and self declaration must be provided by the guest at the time of check in.
  • Luggage will be disinfected before sending the luggage to rooms.
  • Guest are advice to sanitize hands before and after filling relevant forms.
  • Guest should inform at the reception an hour before the check out.
  • No visitors will be allowing in the room.
  • Guest will be briefed about do’s and don’ts while at the hotel check In.
  • Guests are advised their payment Via DIGITAL mode much possible.
  • Hotel staff will take adhere to Zero touch policy.
  • Following guidelines for restaurants will be followed
  • Seating arrangement in the restaurant also to be made in such a way that adequate social distancing is maintained.
  • Buffet service should also follow social distancing norms among guests
  • For room service, communication between guests and in-house staff should be through intercom/ mobile phone.
  • Effective and frequent sanitation within the premises shall be maintained.
  • To ensure all standards and protocols are adhered to; each hotel has a dedicated Hygiene and Safety Manager. We hope our guest will appreciate the measures we are taking for their safety.
  • We would like to thank you for your support and we pray for your safety and wellbeing.